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posthumously for their heroic actions in iraq and afghanistan. he is an elite army ranger. he lost his right arm below the elbow in may of 2008 when a grenade exploded when he threw it away saving the lives of two fellow soldiers. sergeant petry is 31 years old from santa fe, new mexico, and he and his wife ashley have four children. he will be the 85th recipient of the medal of honor. nbc news military analysis and retired general henry jacobs, and always a pleasure to have you with us on these ceremonies and the last time we watched this ceremony was salvatore giun giunta, and you know the emotions that come with it. you know what this sergeant did to save lives. it was a summer and surrounded and he put his life on the line and that is what the soldiers do everyday. >> his unit was doing the most dangerous of dangers which is to conduct a daylight raid. he was shot initially in both legs and subsequently wounded by another hand grenade and lost his arm as he was throwing another hand grenade all of the while saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. some of them will be in the east room of
, it was an act above and beyond the call of duty. army ranger sergeant first class leroy petrie lost his right arm below the elbow while tossing an enemy grenada way from his fellow soldiers. for that act of bravery, president obama will present him with the medal of honor, the country's highest military award. he will become the second living recipient of the medal of honor from the iraq and afghan wars. the 31-year-old is the father of four children and has served two tours of duty in iraq, six in afghanistan. sergeant petrie, his wife and other family members will join president obama at the white house at the top of the hour for the medal of honor ceremony and we will of course bring that to you live when it happens. >>> meantime, coming up next, one of the biggest school districts in the country, once scoring high marks and high praise, turns out it was all a big lie. cheating, not by students but by teachers and principals. the one man charged with cleaning it all up joins me next. ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? um...would you mind d
the extraordinary story of army ranger leroy petry. also new questions today about this incident at the home run derby. that story coming up. there is more to this perhaps than meets the eye. we'll be right back. martha: an attempt to catch a ball almost took a tragic turn at last night's home run derby when a man fell over a railing in the right field stands. his brother and friend managed to snag him in the nick of time. hay, trace. >> reporter: the guy's name is keith carmichael. he's from arizona. they had already caught two home run balls. and another one from the red sox adrian gonzalez. prince fielder hit a moon shot to right field. take a look at this. he hits this shot and it is up in the air. the guise standing on a little table. he misses the fly ball by 2 or 3 feet. you slowly get to it. he misses the ball. he loses his balance, and there he goes toward the railing right there. he's a big guy, you fall below there goes down to the pool deck at the ballpark. it's 20 feet down. they pulled him back up. he clearly didn't get the baseball. he said afterwards, as i was going over the rail
the vietnam war. this ceremony was attended by fellow honor -- fellow army rangers and other medal of honor recipients. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, accompanied by mendel of honor recipient sergeant first class leroy petrie. ["hail to the chief"] >> let us pray. almighty and ever living god, you have given us this good land and this founding of our american heritage. we gather to recognize a man who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in defense of that heritage. in new providence, the sergeant 's valor and sacrifice served -- save the lives of his fellow rangers that day in afghanistan. by your grace, we know he continues to live today according to those values. you have woven the tapestry of this great nation. we pray that you will enable each of us to likewise live lives of valor and sacrifice every day, to continue reading the tapestry of america. we celebrate with the sergeant's wife, mother, father, grandparents, brothers, and children. we also remember his grandfather leo.
tumbled head first. tonight, both the rangers and the a's paused for a heartbreaking moment of silence. the 39-year-old firefighter and his son, cooper, drove more than two hours to see last night's game. even stopping along the way to buy a new glove hoping to catch that foul ball. the perfect father and son outing that turned into a life-changing tragedy for both. >> it's just hard for me to, you know, hearing that little boy screaming for his daddy after he had fallen, and then being home with my kids. >> josh hamilton could barely hold back tears remembering last night's game. >> it's surreal. it brings things into perspective how quickly lives can change. >> hamilton doesn't often throw balls to fans, but it seemed like the thing to do. >> the first foul ball that game down i threw it to the ball girl. then i heard somebody say, hamilton, how about the next one. i turned around and i gave him a nod and, you know, i got the next one and threw it in that direction. i just remember it was like it happened in slow motion. >> the 39-year-old's life cut short by the quality that set him
disappearance. >>> a bear has broken into several homes in yosemite national park this week. tonight rangers urnling people to take precautions to protect the bear. we have the story from inside yos sem tie this quiet area of yosemite has become a favorite spot of an unwelcome guest. rangers say this 220 black bear has broken into eight homes in the past week he was on my property on saturday. my dog barked a lot and alerted me to the bear. and so i just stayed in the house. >> norman lived here for 78 years and has seen his fair share of bear buzz not recently. >> this bear now is the first we've had now for some years. >> park rangers used a trap to catch the bear last weekend. they put a radio caller and numbed ear tag on him and drove him out of the area. but he came back days later he has found food and whenever they find food of any kind even in someone's house they're going to hang around. >> the park posted flyers on doors and homes where the bear has been spotted letting people know about the encounters and encouraging them to use certain safety precaution autos make sure you use pr
during a white house ceremony attended by some of the fellow army rangers and medal of honor recipients. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by sergeant first class, leroy petry. ♪ >> let us pray. almighty and ever living god, you have given us and good plan for our american heritage. we ask your presence as we gather to recognize a man who has gone be up and beyond the call of duty in the sense of that heritage. your providence leroy petry bowel and sacrifice some of the man -- lives of his men and fellow rangers in afghanistan. by your grace, we know he continues to live today according to those same bodies. sacrifice every day to continue weaving a tapestry of america. we celebrate with sergeant first and his[eetry's wife, grandfather celebrants with us in a very special way. grateful for all of the people and event, your views to mold this man who stands before us today, we are grateful to the rangers, our soldiers, marines, and coast guard men who have given their lives. give str
, everyone. the as lost in texas tonight, but a texas ranger fan dialed after falling out of the stands trying to catch a baseball tossed highway by the star of the texas rangers, hamilton. the man fell about 20 feet. the rangers did not officially identify the man. but once witness is saying that he is a local firefighter. the man leaned over the railing and went head first into the cap between the seats. tonight, prior -- or, yeah, prior to the as and texas game. the manager of the as -- in excellent -- oakland passed away. williams passed at the age of 82. inducted into the hall of fame in 2008. great story. how williams took over the as. won back-to-back championship. then got into a feud with finley and was not around for the repeat. williams will always go down in history as the man who gave oakland their first two world championships. >>> barry zito for the third straight game very good. another sellout. the giants are 41-41 in sell outs. zito getting help early. if he is successful, you better play good defense. rowan making the catch at the fence. whiteside around 200. the catc
. an army ranger will become the second living recipient of a medical of honor from the afghan/iraq wars. he lost his right hand in 2008 while throwing an enemy grenade away from fellow soldiers. a fellow rangers says it is not work -- if not for his action to of the rangers would have been seriously injured or killed. barack obama will present the metal to the dad of four this afternoon. a new car gives hybrid a new meaning. it has wings by the way. some chains are cracking down on extreme too onerous. we will explain in consumer alert. >> high heat and humidity. waiting for a much-needed relief from the heat. i will come up with that in the forecast. the harbor at 89. humidity is 57%. the full forecast coming up here y. >> john produce here to answer your plant questions. stay with us. >> a massachusetts company has a new way to beat the morning commute, applying car. take a look. a fully-functioning car with wings that unfold turning it into an airplane. the vehicle runs on regular gasoline. it will cost you. it will cost a quarter of a million dollars. some popular retailers are going pa
ogando, who worked out of the bullpen for the a.l. champion rangers last season, now a starter. deals to andrew mccutchen, who fouls is back. strike 1. mccutchen, another fine player. he can to it all. his eye is getting better and better at the plate. and part of what is now an exciting pirates team. they have played before ten sellout crowds at pnc park. only a game out of first place behind milwaukee and st. louis. a check swing. ogando flips it. one out. how about a guy who we had a lot of fun with tonight, heath bell. >> heath; that your quickest time into the mound? >> it might have been. >> and the slide, how come not headfirst? >> it's one of those things i kind of created in the bullpen, some of the guys out there. do something kind of funny and have fun with it. i was running in and boch's speech beforehand the game counts and the home field advantage so i kind of figured not to do it. but i talked to sandoval and a couple guys, asked them if it would be a good idea, and i ran out and wasn't going to to it, and when i got in the infield they scooted away and i thought i kind
>> yosemite rangers will be looking for of hyper they believe fell over a 317 ft. waterfall >> and there has been a setback in bryan stowe is conditioned and the reward has increase to one of these and more stories when just the second >> more of our top stories this morning how good note this morning it is the weather >> we are talking 90s and for a lot of locations around the bay area no problems on the san mateo bridge the fog is pushed back along the coastline mild temperatures as you step outside the door arid >> we're not talking about any freeway and hotspots it is a pretty good at a ride the bridges all look good the a metering lights are still off on the west bound ride. six >> 01 a.m. is police arrested 35 protesters last nine. they are rallying in the street over this officer involved shooting that person was harding a parolee from washington state. this is video of their arrest as they were made in on powell street the protest was a scuffle that hurt a photographer she is walking up to take a picture of the police and then she is pushed down she walks up to try and get a close-up
attending a texas rangers game with his young son fell to his death, trying to reach a baseball tossed his way by a player on the field. the unidentified man leaned forward for the ball but toppled over the railing. he fell to the concrete, 20 feet below. the man was rushed to a hospital, where he died. rangers president nolan ryan was at the game and spoke about the tragedy. >> as an organization and as our team members and our staff, we're very heavy-hearted about this and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. >> rangers star outfielder josh hamilton who tossed that baseball is described as distraught by the accident. >>> casey anthony will be freed from jail in florida a week from sunday. anthony was sentenced thursday for lying to police about the death of her daughter. judge perry gave her the maximum sentence of four years but with three years served and time for good behavior, anthony will be released july 17th. she was acquitted tuesday of killing 2-year-old caylee anthony. >>> two american soldiers have died in a bomb attack in iraq. it happened as the u.s. negotiates whe
and friends of the victims. the rangers said the merced river is running fast and full and rangers are searching downstream for the three bodies. all three victims were from the central valley. friends and family are gathering at the park today. >> everyone is just praying that he gets found. >> the rangers say they may not find the vichls' bodies for months -- victims' bodies for months until the river reseeds. rangers reopened the trail about noon today. >>> a northern california elementary school principal says he is innocent of accusations that he touched students inappropriately. bob adams spoke outside the courthouse in citrus heights with morning with his wife and daughters. adams is the principal and owner of creative frontiers. police shut down that school on monday saying at least ten current and former students have accused adams of inappropriate touching. >> i assure you i'm very confident that nothing inappropriate has happened. >> citrus heights police say adams is the focus of their investigation, but they have not given any indication of when or even if he will be a
of fan at last tonight a's rangers game. and pledge to continue to ensure safe environment at big league ballpark around the country. shannon stone was reaching to grab a ball thrown to him by ranger outfielder josh hamilton when he tumbled over a railing and fell 20 feet open to the create below. it happened right in front of his 6-year-old son. 39-year-old firefighters died at the hospital short time later. the ranger have placed a tarp over the area where he fell. >> we are doing it out of respect to the family so there would be the be tl pictures taken of that area and we don't have a long range strategy on if anything is going to be done there at this point in time. >> stone and his son had again to the game hoping to catch a foul ball. they had even stopped to buy a new glove on the way to the game. >> the seats were in the left field stands just shouting distance from the favorite player, american league mvp josh hamilton. tonight hamilton is speaking about what will happened at that game. sports anchor collin is here with that story. unbelievable. >> you see it dozens of ti
that the baseball game in arlington tx as the oakland a's take on the texas rangers tonight. a rangers fan died after falling out of the stands while trying to catch a baseball tossed his way during the game. you can see what happened there, the fan who has not yet been identified fell headfirst about 20 ft.. the accident happened in the second inning after oakland hit a foul ball, it ricocheted into left field and that is when the rangers outfielder josh hamilton retrieved the ball and tossed into the stands. a death at the baseball game the oakland a's vs. the rangers this happened in texas we will be right back. ri want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. >> tonight's big story in n
to afghanistan as a member of a ranger helicopter assault team. on may 26th, 2008, sergeant petry and his unit was in afghanistan, part of the rugged mountainous region near the border with pakistan that's perfect for hiding out in. sergeant petry's unit was assigned to make a risky daylight raid on a compound why u.s. intelligence said a top al qaeda commander was hiding. the moment the helicopter landed they came under fire. within minutes as they moved into a court yard in the compound a machine gun round went through both of his legs. he was bleedly badly. he nevertheless aided another wounded soldier leaving him to take cover behind a chicken coop in the courtyard. he did this with severe injuries to both of his legs. sergeant petry launched a grenade in the direction of the enemy fighters, who were shooting at the rangers. that provided enough cover for a third ranger to join them behind the chicken coop to evaluate the wounds. an enemy grenade exploded in the courtyard. it further hurt the ranger that he was helping and the third ranger. a second grenade thrown by the energy fighters la
rangers are now looking to make their stadium stadium safer. the plan for rangers ballpark calls for all rails at the base of the seating sections to be 42 inches high. now, that will nr in the clear as changes get under way. >> before the end of the regular season. for now they posted yellow signs warning not to lean, to sit or to stand against the rail. >>> well, after weeks of speculation, houston rockets star yao ming has made it official. he is leaving the nba. yao made the announcement in shanghai this morning saying a series of injuries have forced him to retire. he plans to work with his former chinese team and possibly become the gm. >>> now some sports highlights from espn news. >>> cole wright with your espn news highlights. the rangers riding an 11-game hot streak looking to extend it to 12 versus the angels. on the mound, with a three-run lead. a double to deep left center. andy chavez, he gives chase, picks up the pill, flips it to andres. andres said the package was put on him. all jazzed up. rightfully so. teamwork at its finest. top of the eight now. rangers still up 3-0
. he faces up to 10 years in prison. >>> there was a tragic accident at the texas rangers baseball game. a fan tried to catch a baseball and he fell 20 feet ball is down somewhat spread the man died on his way to the hospital. >> the rangers will play their scheduled game tonight but only after lowering the flags to half staff and observing a moment of silence for a fan who died in a freak accident. the 39-year-old was on a father-sent out into a ranger's game when a decision to reach for a foul ball toward a fatal. the texas firefighters lead over a railing to grab the souvenir and fell 20 feet. >> just as the ball hit his hand it threw him off balance. he went headfirst. it looked awful. >> after the fall, as dawn was conscious and told paramedics to watch after a six-year-old son. he went into cardiac arrest. nolan ryan said the rangers will investigate whether it needs to make the stadium sabre for fans. -- safer for fans. >> it is one of the saddest things i've ever seen in this ballpark. as a father and as a grandfather, my heart goes out to that family. >> josh hamilton, who toss
. he passed away today. tragic news in arlington. a ranger fan falls over the railing, he dropped 20 feet. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> as an organization and as our team members and our staff are very heavy hearted about this and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. >> as for the game, ray is making his second start since coming off the disabled list. he gave up five runs in five innings to his former team. the rangers beat the a's 6-0. >>> barry zito won all starts. alloyed only three runs since joining. 2-1 to split that four-game series. so kind of a rough night with dick williams and of course the tragedy of the fan who had gone to the game with his young son. so the rangers clubhouse was closed after the game. player basically was thrown a foul ball. >> during the game. >> yeah. i mean you hear too much of fans falling. roberto brought it up, they should have preventative nets for falls over a certain amount of feet. >> there is that bigtivity between the divot. you would think the organization would think about that. >> all righ
. managing a game in texas for the first time since he was fired by the rangers 5 years ago. counting on a power surge by slugger. a 2 run blast to left field put the os on the top 2-0. now gives him 20 homers this season. but pitching is the problem. starter chris jack box was part of that problem tonight. puts the rangers on top in the 2 2nd period. 4-2 rangers, short night for jack a boxics. he gave up 2 innings. pitched in relief. michael young sends a drive to deep center field. it's a triple yet another crushing defeat for the os. 13-4 in texas. they are likely to turn to pitcher adkins tomorrow night. adkins pitched in relief for the cubs. the yankee fans welcome back their captain tonight to start at cleveland. his first game in 3 weeks. jeter leadoff the game slow. jeter went 0 for 4, still needs 6 hits to hit 3000 for his career. the day after winning wimbledon, officially celebrates with a cake. he claims the top spot for the first time in his career after beating previous -- it's the first time in 7 1/2 years that someone other than nadal or federer is ranked number one in
of the medal of honor. an army ranger who put his life on the line for his brothers in arms. >>> among the guests today, our own brian williams and he joins us from palm desert, california. brian? >> ann what was so impressive and so appropriate was the sweep of history. i sat there realizing that in the six rows in front of me wb were representatives by either bloodline or marriage of every president of the united states going back to john f. kennedy. so appropriate and so interesting to see members of the ford family. for our generation and above in this country we watched them grow up. we watched their family with great fascination. this president who turned out to be such a noble and thoroughly decent american and this american icon that he married. this towering figure in this country named betty ford who did so much to destigmatize alcoholism, drug addiction and treatment and breast cancer as well. appropriately remembered today in a warm, family-based service. feel terrible for the family they have to go do this again and go through these emotions in the days to come. such a tow
yosemite park rangers will resume their search for hikers that were swept over a water fall falling more than 300 feet. rangers received multiple calls from people who say at least person was pulled over vernal falls. the nearby mist trail that leads to the falls was shut down. searchers were sent below the falls to search for the hikers. rangers are not confirming what happened or how many people are missing. plenty of witnesses are coming forward. >> i was shocked. i mean to see people fall from that high and then the current i just when they fell i actually saw a head pop out and go back in. >> other people said they saw a man and woman cross a safety barrier to get a closer look at the falls. another man tried to help him and he too fell in the water. time now is 4:36. let's head out to sal castaneda. >> good morning, to you and everyone. let's see what we have now with the morning commute. interstate 80 looks good. there is no problem there. just down the road on interstate 880 that traffic looks very nice in both directions here right in front of the oakland coliseum and the oaklan
on track to do. >>> when we return another look at this morning's top stories. >>> and an army ranger saves lives in combat and gets america's highest honor. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies from mccafé, bursting with fresh flavors and blended with creamy low-fat yogurt. the simple joy of exotic refreshment. ♪ we'll have a live report coming up. plus... it's officially over. the coast guard suspends its search for seven missing fishermen off the coast of baja. today... one of the victims will be buried. "oh now. see the zoom lens. you can zoom in" "oh." a glimpse inside the mind of phillip and nancy garrido in newly released home video. how the married couple scouted for victims. and netflix users get ready to,, >>> on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. the northeast will get a slight break from the heat but it will be oppressive in the south with temperatures in the 90s and 100s. expect scattered thunderstorms in the southeast and hard hitting storms from the rocky mountains to the midwest. >>> here's ano
catching balls in the stands about trying to make that grab cost a father his life. it happened in rangers and a's game in texas and out has rocked the baseball world. >> the foul. >> it was supposed to be a father-son bonding moment, one that dreams are made of. >> his son cried out daddy. my husband grabbed the boy. >> shannon stone, reached over to catch the ball hit by josh hamilton. >> he went head first. >> he fell to the concrete floor. >> he reached up to grab it and lost his balance. he went straight down, head first. >> stone it was conscious and alert to ask about the son but an hour later he was dead. >> it rocks to you the core of what we are about and memories we try to make in this game for our fans. >> major league baseball will review the incident with every club to ensure fan safety. if it could happen here, it could happen anywhere? >> a spokesperson told "abc 7 news" in lieu of the terrible tragedy, the organization will look with a fresh set of eyes of any vulnerabilities that may exist here at at&t park. >>> a bay area soldier was killed while serving in afghanistan.
off. police are there now. we will keep you posted. >>> gunman opened fire on a ranger in a park. that shooting triggered a massive search. elizabeth cook has more. >> reporter: law enforcement has concluded their search tonight in the park. they were looking for multipet suspects who they say opened fire on a park ranger. the ranger was not injured but the response team had to go in and rescue him. they think the suspects may be affiluated with marijuana groves in that area. cruise searched for multiple victims. they can't confirm if they were but they were just searching the area because there were multiple gun shots. police are telling people who live in the area stay in their homes till the search is over. they have concluded tonight but they will continue tomorrow. they have told people in the area and our cruise today they don't think the gunman will enter the neighborhood. >> you mentioned marijuana farms. are there farms now or this is in the past? >> reporter: in the past they found the pot farms and in that area there are marijuana groves and they believe the suspects m
. tragedy in arlington texas. a man who was at a texas rangers game with his son died after falling from the stand while trying to catch a baseball tossed from rangers left fielder josh hamilton. that man fell 20 feet headfirst landing just beyond the left field wall. >> i don't think as any of us would be, josh is very distraught over this. as the entire team is. >> well, last july at rangers ball park a fan fell 30 feet from the second deck. he was trying to catch a foul ball. he suffered a fracture skull and nolan ryan says it's too willy to talk about changes that might be made at the ball park because of the two accidents. >>> a deadly plane crash inwatsonville, california. it crashed into the hospital unoccupied office building and burst into flames. two people were on board and they were killed. the officials say the plane had taken off from a nearby airport. there's no word on what caused that crash in the first place. >>> a dangerous situation a fuel line broke out on an truck igniting a fire that trapped an electrical worker on a pole close to the high voltage lines. the ordeal
ribbons in memory of shannon stone. the firefighter died last night during the rangers game with the oakland a's. we take a closer look at what happened. >> we will not show the video, only this still frame of 39- year-old shannon stone just before he toppled over the railing at the ballpark in arlington. falling 20 feet behind an outfield wall to the concrete below. he died at the hospital. his 6-year-old son was next to him when he fell. >> one of the saddest thing i ever seen at the ballpark. >> reporter: the ranger's president says baseball is about making good memories. josh hamilton tossed a foul ball to a father and son in the stands and stone leaned to forward. >> i was in shock. i kept looking behind me. you know, hoping somebody was back there helping him. >> really sad. all he was doing was trying to get a ball and be a fan and have a good time. >> reporter: we talked to giant's fans getting ready for tonight's game about the video they saw last night. >> it was really scary how they kept showing it over and over. >> reporter: in a statement major league baseba
at rangers ballpark in arlington. a man at the game with his young son died after he fell over the outfield railing and landed on concrete 20 feet below. it happened as he was reaching for a ball a player tossed in his direction. rangers president and ceo nolan ryan said we are deeply sad to hear the man who fell passed away as a result of this accident. our thoughts and prayers are with his family. the man's identity has not been released officially, although a texas newspaper identifies him as a local firefighter. last night's accident came exactly a year and a day after another fan at rangers ballpark fell from the second deck and was severely injured. red sox and orioles last night. dustin padoria, bang, over the green monster, into the parking lot. red sox up 3-2. adrian gonzalez in the fifth. solo shot to scepter field. seventh inning, boom, center stands, boom. there it goes. josh reddick, boom. right field past the pesty pole. next batter, jared saltamaccia. tiki barber was there. in yankees stadium and around the world, all eyes are on derek jeter. last night against the rays jeter
last night, it hits us at our roots of who we are. >> texas' -- a texas rangers fan all to his death while trying to catch a foul ball. >> the cold front freezing heavy rain around ocean city right now. let's see how much of it will linger for the weekend. the forecast is coming up. 72 at the airport rightrt >> texas rangers president nolan ryan is speaking out after a man fell to his death right in front of his son. >> is one of the saddest things i have ever seen at a ballpark. as i said earlier, it really goes down to the basic roots of who we are and what we stand for. >> before tonight's game, the rangers observed a moment of silence in honor of shannon stone. they lower the flag at the ballpark in arlington, texas, to have stabbed. >> -- to half staff. >> an editor for the weekly world news was later hired as david cairns communications director. now the prime minister is coming under fire for hiring him despite a troubled past. >> the decision to hire him was mine and mine alone, and i take full responsibility for it. >> the reporter who has already served time for phone hacki
lost his life as a result of a tragic accident at rangers' ballpark last night. >> the baseball community mourn as loss of a man who accidentally fell off of a stadium railing and died trying to catch a baseball thrown into the stands. is it time to change security rails at baseball stadiums? that conversation, next. >>> i completely pictured my husband doing the same thing for my son. >> right now at stadiums around the country, fathers and sons are sitting in the stands eating hot dogs and watching the american pastime. and that is why a death at the rangers ballpark is hitting home for so many people. it both terrible, a terrible accident, and a completely relatable one at that. >> well -- this is it. that's -- why there is time -- wow. >> reached for a ball and fell head-first over the rail dropping 20 feet to his death. his 6-year-old son, named cooper, right next to him. saw the entire thing happen. the man beside him, moved fast, tried to pull him back. >> first instinct, reach out and sgrab him. i tried to grab him. i couldn't catch him and he went down and went by me. i
at the rangers-a's game. the innocent act that caused him to fall 20 feet to his death. >>> we will be tracking more fog in the short term. but in the long range much cooler temperatures coming up the coolest day of the weekend and when drizzle could return to the bay area >>> a tragic accident at the rangers-a's game. a fan died after falling over the railing while trying to catch a foul ball. it happened during the rangers game with oakland. the rangers say they are deeply saddened by his death. the man's name was -- ruiz. >>> four infected mosquitoes were recently found near los palmos park. crews will be spraying insecticide. residents have mixed feelings about the spraying. >> i don't like sprays any way, i don't know? >> there's no report of any harm to people or pets since they began to spray this chemical. south wolf road on the east and cascade road on the south -- >>> the 77-year-old naso is serving as his own attorney. this week naso told the judge he could use some assistance. if he cannot afford a private attorney, a public defender will be appointed. >>> in news of the world toni
at a baseball game yesterday. in texas. mourning the loss of a texas rangers fan. we'll see how the player are honoring that victim. we'll be right back. >>> tonight at 11:00, californians have won some hard fought battles to protect our native redwood forests. now there is a new threat. climate change. we'll show you what you can do to help save our redwood forests. >>> contractions at 2:00 a.m.? something i've never experienced. >> no problem. your doctor can monitor you from afar now. >> marian shows us how new technology is connecting doctors to moms in labor. >> reporter: meg became a mother this week giving birth to her healthy baby girl clara. she said her delivery went smoothly. >> the doctor was here right when it seemed like my labor was progressing and i thought it was perfect timing. but he clearly was well aware of what was happening. >> we can review the last four hours. >> reporter: aware, thanks to this. new technology that enabled the doctor to watch meg's contracks in real-time on his ipad or iphone. >> we're able to look at it instantly and provide help ensure the welfar
municipal airport. >>> a texas firefighter has died after falling 20 feet from a railing at a texas rangers game. he was trying to catch the ball that one of the players threw his way. look at this. we will have much more on this tragedy in a live report we will get from arlington, texas. that is coming up for you at 6:45. >>> cal train is investigating another fatality on its tracks. a person was hit and killed close to the churchill avenue crossing in palo alto just after 8:30 last night. cal train says that person was trespassing. the latest incident comes as the agency is looking into installing cameras on the train. the decision was put on hold yesterday as cal train figures out whether the video recording including fatalities would be a matter of public record. >>> time now 6:35. the truck company involved in last months fatal amtrak crash in the nevada desert is defending its safety record. a big rig driver for the john davis trucking company slammed into an amtrak train killing six people. the truck company says it wants to know why the driver ignored flashing lights and crossing ga
could. the rangers' organization took a moment of silence the day after. >> we ask that each of you join the oakland athletics, the texas rangers and all of marriage league baseball as we observe a silent moment of reflection and respect for brownwood texas firefighter shannon stone. >> you know what, this isn't the first time a fan has fallen at the rangers' ballpark. another man fell from the second deck a little more than a year ago. he dropped 30 feet and fractured his skull. incredib incredibly, he lived. joining us now, the man who tried to hold on to shannon stone that fateful day at the ballpark. and then also, joe tray han, a sports anchor for wfaa. >> it's difficult to take. >> explain to us what -- it appears, we can see what happened in the video, you were right next to him. there's the picture, you are there. that's you in the white baseball cap, right? >> yes, it is it. >> you see him going over, and then what do you do? >> well, my first instinct is to reach out and grab him. i couldn't catch him, he went down, as he went by me, i tried to grab him again and i missed and i
were swept over a famous water fall and presumed dead. park rangers say the hikers were on a day trip when they went under needs a metal guardrail. there was unsuccessful search at merced river below and they have closed the trail that leads to the falls. it has created spectacular water falls but treacherous conditions at yosemite. six people have died in water related dhins year. >> bicycle on a bicyclist is in critical condition following an accident with a delivery truck. police say the cyclist was in her 20s and she was making aning turn on fremont street. the woman was not wearing a helmet and police say her injuries are life-threatening. the it took place in a busy intersection. it backed up traffic and on to the bay bridge. >> in santa clara county, the highway patrol is looking for the driver of a van who left the scene of a fatal motorcycle crash about 6:00 this morning. we were over the scene on southbound 101 south of the expressway. the driver is man wearing brown utility work clothes. >> fire investigators are trying to determine if a fire that damaged 11 u-haul trucks w
. >>> texas rangers announced today that safety improvements have been made. the team says is raising the height of all the leads were 39- year-old shannon stone fell 29 feet onto concrete or he was trying to catch a ball tossed into the stands by a player. >>> nfl owners and players appear close to reaching a deal could members of the players association met in washington dc today. meanwhile in new york on the mark r told reporters -- carl ellis told reporters they will not stand in the way of agreement. >>> they do not suspect foul play in the death of a man found inside a u-haul van. the van was found on geary boulevard near 17th avenue. the ban had been parked there for about a week -- the van had been parked there for about a week but the initial investigation does not point to homicide. >>> a 62-year-old windsurfer is a home right now after spending the entire night in the bay. our cameras were rolling. and sal castaneda spoke to the woman's husband late this afternoon. >> reporter: steve hammond says his wife is doing just fine the mac i feel very, very relieved. it was really
for two suspects who used high-powered rifles to fire on an east bay parks ranger. the ranger took cover and was not hurt in the shooting but a special response team had to use an armored vehicle to rescue him. the shooting happened near the upper san leandro reservoir on the south side of moraga. police told police in the neighborhood to stay in their homes during the search. >> they are scared of you because the only way these police guys can go is come back here in the town is they can run towards the hills but it's definitely scary. >> search around rancho laguna park ended for the night when it got too dark. police think the suspect may be involved with growing marijuana in the area. >>> we are learning more about the two suspects in the beating of bryan stow. now they are accused of attacking other people that night at dodger stadium. anser hassan is in san francisco general where stow is in the hospital this morning. good morning. >> good morning. bryan stow is showing some real small signs of progress but still remains hospitalized here at sf general. as for the two suspects we s
and afghanistan. the army ranger lost at hand and suffered shrapnel wounds when he threw a grenade away from fellow soldiers. >>> 38 militants were killed in pakistan after american missile strikes. pakistan was brought over 12 hours. relations between the u.s. and pakistan are already strained. earlier this week, the u.s. cut of $800 million in aid to pakistan. it turns out the taliban is claiming responsibility for the assassination of the half brother of the afghan president hamid karzai. ahmad wali karza was considered by many to be the most powerful man in afghanistan. his bodyguards killed the attacker. coming up on abc-seven usenews at noon new details in the privacy scandal affecting the world's biggest media mogul. and, a facelift for a local shelter. volunteers are making major changes. but first our >> fire officials are investigating a fire that destroyed a manhattan synagogue last night. firefighter suffered minor injuries when the roof collapsed. the fire left much of the upper east side blanketed in smoke. the historic synagogue was undergoing renovations, and now the congrega
to southern california. and >> a rangers fan who use these right there falls to his death after trying to catch a ball that a player tossed into the stands. take a look, after a foul ball in the second inning, the rangers left fielder tossed the ball into the stand above the wall. you can see the can reach over, kept the ball but then fall headfirst want it is about a 20 ft. drop right down there and where he is headed, there is a small section between the left-field wall and the left field railing that you see there. the man that fail, shannon stone was a 39 year-old firefighter. you can see his six year-old son was right there, there is his son, unfortunately watching it all in this may be the worst part of this whole thing he did not die instantly. he was taken to hospital and with his son writing in the front of the ambulance went into full cardiac arrest and died by the time the ambulance got to the hospital players and fans who witnessed this say that the whole thing is real. >> just as the ball hit his hand, it kind of threw him off balance and he went headfirst. it was, it loo
that the users broke records that day, sending 7200 tweets per second as the game was ending. >>> the ranger's ceo is -- the texas ranger's ceo is waking up in the hospital. he had a double bypass in 2000. >>> nick markakis is now 5th when it comes to hits. still, based on his performance, the red sox won. same two teens, downtown, tonight. >> would have! man! it's hard to overcome eight runs in the inning. >> it's not impossible, but hard. >> last night, it will be warm again if you're going. temperatures in the 70s already. they're going up to the 90s. we'll have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. it's going to stay hot throughout the week and we'll have the forecast coming up after break. >>> coming up next, it's local actor josh kelly. he's from fullton high school, if i remember correctly. he's also on "one life to live" and the new "transformers" movie. we have the latest on traffic coming up and more on the first warning weather. don't go away, there's still some left of the morning edition. copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but wit
life with that grab at last night's rangers a's game in texas and rocked the baseball world. there are questions being raised about fan safety. and we have the report. >> this was supposed to be a father-son bonding moment, one that dreams are made of. >> the son cried out daddy! and you know... my husband grabbed the boy so he won't see it. >> shannon stone, a texas firefighter reached over to catch a ball tossed by a ranger outfielder. >> just the ball hit his hand it threw him off balance. he went head first. >> he fell 20 feet to the concrete floor. wind. >> the gentleman reached out and lost his balance and went over the rail. i reached out to grab him. he went straight down. head first. >> stone left conscious and alerted to ask about his son but an hour later he was dead. >> drives it to the core of what we're did -- about and memories we try to make in this game. and for our fan autos major league baseball will review this with every club to ensure fan safety if it would happen here, koit happen anywhere? a spokesperson for giants giants tonight told abc 7 news in li
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